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Prepress: How to prepare your book for print

In spite of the whole industry being aware of the term “Prepress”, we can still see some discrepancies in understanding the meaning of this phrase. So, before we go any further, let me start this article by explaining where this name derives from and what it refers to.

Marcelina I Have a Book


How to prepare your text before typesetting (part 1)

MS Word is a very popular program for text editing, but it misses some key features to prepare files for print. That's why it shouldn't be used for design and layout pages.

Marcelina I Have a Book


Your book cover as a marketing tool

Most of you will probably agree that the book cover is an essential part of any novel, publication or even textbook. The cover not only protects books from damage and helps contain the pages but also carries vital information regarding the title, the author and more. However, the face of your book is not only of practical importance.

Aleksandra I Have a Book


Epublishing for education: what you should know about ebook conversion (Part 1)

Why do ebooks' developers perceive ebooks in a different way than publishers or readers?

Anna | Have a Book