We have been present on the market for twenty years. The Have A Book brand was born in 2007. We specialize in designing, production and typesetting of books and educational materials, in creating digital publications as well as the tool used to digitalize books.


We are an interdisciplinary team created by people with vast experience in the fields of publishing and digital processing. Our graphic designers, DTP operators and IT specialists have created and produced hundreds of school books and educational materials and that experience has allowed them to create multibooks also.


Our mission is to deliver to our clients the top-quality printed and digitalized publishing materials which are made in accordance with best global standards and quality as well as creating innovative technology allowing the automatization of the publishing processes. Our ambition is to accumulate and combine what’s best in both worlds of publishing: the traditional one and the progressive one.


We care for details and meet the top-standard requirements of the publishing process on every step of the creative and publishing way.

We listen to our clients carefully and deliver products made to measure all of their needs.

We build good and strong relationships with our clients which we sustain for years. We communicate in the client’s language.

You can count on us. We are a reliable and diligent company and we deliver our services on time. We help our clients deal with most difficult problems.

We keep evolving and keep advancing our knowledge concerning both printing and digital publishing.