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Have a Book has the advantage when it comes to providing the highest quality digital books, thanks to our technological expertise and long-standing cooperation with the premiere Scandinavian publishing houses. We support the publishing process in its entirety by converting physical textbooks, children's books, publications, and more to the EPUB format.

We approach every job with a commitment to quality that never wavers, working closely with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction. Our bespoke content processing method is based on a battery of pre-tests to pinpoint—and ultimately satisfy—our clients’ every need and expectation.

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What makes us stand out

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    The Have a Book team is open, empathetic, and truly responsive to customer needs. Our dedication, diligence, and drive guarantee a publishing experience with much less stress and lots more success.

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    We innately understand the publishing process and we’re proud of our advancements in terms of automation and optimisation. For our customers, that means unassailable security and serious savings of both time and money.

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    We look forward to technically complex layouts and will never shy away from taxing tasks or otherwise unusual requirements. For us, such challenges are a welcome opportunity to hone our skills and exercise our expertise!

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    The e-book is much more than a traditional book. A virtually unlimited number of elements can exist within—technically complex, customisable, interactive, animated. The possibilities are as unlimited as the human imagination.

What do we do?

Book Design


For the release of functional and responsive publications, we recommend Reflowable e-books. Often known as standard layouts, they’re compatible with any e-reader device and work with most user preferences. Ideal for textbooks, academic books, fiction, non-fiction, and more.

Book Design


f the images in a textbook or publication are logically connected to the text, Fixed e-books are usually the best fit. They’re ideal for children's titles or cookbooks!

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